I can't see the garment I want. Can you print them?

The range of garments we show on the site are ones we print regularly and are familiar with the criteria and specifications for screen printing and embroidery. We can print other garments that we can source from our suppliers, so feel free to get in touch with some examples of the garments you're interested in. We can then investigate whether we can source these and provide a quote for their printing. If we aren't able to source the garments ourselves, we provide a print only service, whereby you can source the garments yourself and we can then offer a price to print them and send them back to you. With garments we don't regularly print on, we may need to test some of them and some of your garments provided to us may be damaged, so we advise a 5% tolerance when printing. If this is a service you'd be interested in, please feel free to send over some more information about the garments as well as your design to info@awesomemerchandise.com

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