I can't download the template I want

Sorry about this! We have templates available for the majority of our products.
For some of them the template is unavailable due to the different variations that you can have with the product. We don't have a template available for our screen printed or embroidered products for example as there are so many variables for them to be set up in that way. Please feel free to upload your artwork at the very end of the checkout process set up to the size you'd like it printed and the resolution set to at least 300dpi. Our Artwork team will then set up your order and send over a proof to confirm. You can then request changes to the sizing and positioning at this stage.
Your artwork does not have to be set up in the template. As long as it is set up to 300dpi and measuring the correct dimensions then your artwork should be fine to use. All the artwork specifications should be towards the bottom of all our product pages, if you are unsure whether your artwork is set up correctly we are happy to check this, just send it over to info@awesomemerchandise.com and we can advise.
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