Can I have different ink colours across my garments?

Of course!
You can have a maximum of 8 colours within one design on the front and the back of the garment.
Alternatively if you want the same design but printed in a number of different colours over your garments, we can do this too! This would be what we call an "Ink Washout".This is where our team use one ink colour for a print, wash the screen out and use the same screen to print the same section of the design in a different ink colour. For example, black ink on yellow t-shirts and white ink on blue t-shirts, the same design but printed in different ink colours.
It is £10.00 per ink washout if you wanted to add this on to your order. We do not offer it as standard on our website but you can still place your order here and add a note in the customer comments confirming you would like a washout. Be sure to list all the details of which ink colour you would like on each shirt colour.
When ordering this on the website, select the number of colours in the design, not the total number of ink colours with washouts you will have. So for example if your design is just one colour and you're having one washout, as per the previous example of black ink on yellow t-shirts and white ink on blue t-shirts, this is just 1 ink colour with 1 ink washout. If you leave the note in the customer comments, a member of our customer experience team will be able to invoice you for the extra cost for the washout.
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