I want to print on more than one style of garment with the same design. Does this affect the max print size?

Yes it does, dependent on the garment.
We have a maximum print size on all of our t-shirts, for example, the largest size you can have printed on an adult t-shirt is an oversized print at 38cm(w) x 52cm(h). If you were mixing your garments between Youth and Adult t-shirts, but you wanted the maximum print size on both of them, we can do this! We would just need you to add a separate screen so that the Youth and Adult t-shirts are each printed with their own screens that are set to the maximum printable area for their dimensions.
This is due to us only being able to go to the largest print size of the smallest garment you have. So if you had a Small Youth and a Adult XXL, the print size would remain 32cm(w) x 43cm(h) on all T-Shirts.
It would be an additional £20.00 per separate screen, the price would be dependent on how many colours you would be using. For Example if you have 3 colours in your design, It would be an additional £60.00.
Please see these examples. The first image shows how the print would come out across youth and adult garments with the same size screen, set up to the max printable area of the youth shirt, but this then comes up small on the adult shirts.
The second image shows the print where two separate screen set ups have been used, to utilise the max print size of the adult shirts and the youth shirts separately.
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