Which colour mode does a file need to be for printing?

Files for digital printing need to be set up in CMYK colour mode! All our digital printing process at Awesome Merchandise use CMYK colours to print. RGB colours are only used to display on screen graphics, so all documents for digital printing need to be set up in CMYK.
What about for Screen Printing?
Actually, for screen printing it doesn't matter which colour mode a document is set up in. This is because screen printing doesn’t use CMYK colours! For example, if you order some black T-Shirts with a 2 colour print, say White and Scarlet Red, then the T-Shirts will be printed using White and Scarlet Red inks & not CMYK inks.
So for screen printed products, you can provide their design in either CMYK or RGB colours. To print the design we will create a new file that has neither CMYK or RGB colours in it, just the two White and Scarlet Red colours (this is known as a multi channel file).
This rule also applies to Pad Printing, Enamel Pins and Foil Stamped products.
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