Can I order more than one ink colour on tea towels?

You sure can! We don't recommend using lots of ink colours or a high ink coverage on the tea towels as this means less of the material itself is visible and they won't be as absorbent, so they don't then function as tea towels! Due to the coarse nature of the tea towel material as well, it'd hard to screen print high levels of details, so we recommend simple designs. You can see some great examples we've printed in the past here -
We can print more than one colour though, so please see the table below for pricing.
Quantity Per Ink Colour Per Garment
10 £20.00 £2.00
20 £30.00 £1.50
50 £45.00 £0.90
75 £52.50 £0.70
100 £60.00 £0.60
200 £100.00 £0.50
300 £135.00 £0.45
500 £200.00 £0.40
1000 £300.00 £0.30


We'll be happy to take a look at your artwork and advise whether the number of colours is suitable to print! Please feel free to send your artwork over, along with any additional queries to
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