Can I order different garment styles with the same design?

You sure can!
This option isn't available through the site, but we can offer a unit price discount across the total order when different garments are ordered with the same design.
There are a few conditions for this. Certain artwork sizes will not work on certain garments. For example, you may want to order T-shirts with a full front print, but also pullover hoodies. This would not work as the pocket on the front of the hoody would be in the way of the print, however a chest print, or left chest print would be absolutely fine!
Another thing to consider is the print size will vary depending on the size of the garment. For example, a small child's T-Shirt has a much smaller maximum print size than an adult's shirt, so if you were to have the same design across all shirts, the design would appear small in the centre of the adult shirts, but it would fill the child's shirt. We can offer an extra screen service for this for £20 per screen so you have the same design, but printed larger on the larger shirts.
If you have any queries about placing an order with the same design, but different garments, just drop us an email to and we'll be happy to help put a quote together for you!
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