Double sided print designs explained

A huge range of our digitally printed products can be printed on both sides and we are able to print different things on both sides! This does not affect the number of designs. Each design counts as the whole product, including front and back print. If you want the same on the front and back, that is no problem at all, a double sided print is just included as standard in the price of each design.
For example, if you ordered business cards and wanted them double sided, you could have your company logo on the front and then your name and email address on the back. This would count as one design, because all the cards would be the same. If you wanted your company logo on the front of all the cards, but half to have your name on the back and the second half to have your business partner's, this would count as two designs and so on.
If you have any specific requirements for splitting designs across your order, please get in touch at
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