Can I pick my own ink colours, rather than yours?

Of course you can!
We do have our standard ink colours on the website, which you can find attached, but if these don't suit your design that's no problem at all!
If you are unsure what ink colours would be best matched to your design our artwork team can always advise you on this. If you place the order on the website we would match the closest of our stock ink colours with your artwork and send a digital proof for you to check. If you'd like to check the ink colours of your design before placing your order you can email us at and we can confirm for you!
If our stock ink colours are not suitable we would be happy to offer a Pantone match for an additional £20.00 per colour. If you would like to Pantone match you can still place your order through the website and you would just make a note about this in the customer comments and one of our team will invoice you the extra amount you need to pay. Alternatively, you can place the order by email to and confirm you would like to Pantone match for your inks.
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